Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A few rare moments when the kids are happy and getting along.

Gardener Village

Hadlie and Bronco trying on all the fun Halloween hatsHadlie is definitely not afraid of this witch.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Judd and I spent the night in Midway to celebrate our 8th Anniversary. I can't believe we've been married that long.
Hadlie and Bronco spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa Hanks and enjoyed playing with Sadie & Ellie.

Broncos Fans!
Hadlie locked Bronco in the car while it was running. She said she didn't want anyone to steal him. Bronco thought he was in trouble and cried and cried. Since it is protocol to send the Paramedics when a child is locked in a car, he was more nervous when they all arrived. He is trying to make a thumbs up while holding his blankie.
Helping Dad clean up his trailer with Oreo mustaches.
Playing at the park.

Happy Birthday Judd!

Hadlie playing with Tori.
Bloody toes and scratched backs were the result of a pretty rough water basketball game.

Saying goodbye to Elder Heaps!