Thursday, 6 November 2008


For Halloween, we decided to be the Incredibles. We had a lot of fun dressing up for parties and Judd and I even wore the costumes trick-or-treating with the kids. (I know a little embarassing but we had to get our money's worth.) My parents also had a party and since they resemble Bob & Helen we convinced them to wear the costumes to their party.
I think they look great.
My parents
Baby Jack Jack a.k.a. Maverick
My parents and the kids winning the contest award.

Our "Incredible" family

Judd Hunting + Mom in the shower = OUCH!!

The kids snuck outside while I was in the shower getting ready for church. Hadlie took a bad fall on her bike. I hope they learned their lesson about going outside while mom is in the shower.
Since Hadlie is always taking pictures, Bronco wanted his turn. He wanted us to make sad faces because of the accident. I was trying hard not to laugh at his cute photography skills.

Because her teeth didn't bite clear through the tongue, we just had to keep it clean with antibiotic mouthwash.