Friday, 30 October 2009

Newport Beach & Disneyland

We spent all of last week on vacation in California. We went with my sister and her family and my mom. We had a great time and the kids did so well. We were nervous about the twelve hour drive but we only had a few meltdowns on the way home. We stayed in Newport Beach which was soooo beautiful. Judd said he could live right on the beach. We spent three days at Disneyland and California Adventure. To our surprise, Hadlie didn't like Disneyland very much. Being the daredevil she is, we thought she would love all the rides. She hated almost every ride. She will tell you that she doesn't like anything dark, moves side to side, or drops. Pirates even scared her. She did like Small World, Soarin', Playhouse Disney, and the Aladdin show. Bronco, who we thought would hate the rides, turned out to be our little brave, roller coaster buddy. He even did Tower of Terror twice. Bronco loved having his cousin Taya with him. He didn't let go of her hand for anything except bathroom breaks. He is such a cute little protector. We spent a day at the beach--I'm sure Judd would have preferred more time, and we took the kids to the American Girl Doll Store in L.A. On the way home when we asked what their favorite part of the whole trip was -- both kids said "American Girl Doll Store." Oh well. Maybe Disneyland will be a favorite later on. Who knows? Classic Disneyland Picture
Whole gang

Me & Snow White

Family Teacup Ride
Judd loved to try and make us sick.

Bumper cars

Playhouse Disney


Even though she didn't like the rides, she was up for posing for the camera.

Tiki Room

Mav loved the carousel. He would yell "neigh, neigh" until we let him ride. I think Judd is letting me know he is tired of the carousel.



American Girl

My mom collects these dolls and she always has a catalog at her house. Bronco has asked for this doll for several years. I always just say that the doll is all sold out. When we got to the store and the doll was on display, we couldn't lie anymore. So, this is Little Will or Shaq depending on who you ask.

Making our purchase.

Newport Beach Pier

Breakfast at Galley's
They had excellent vanilla coke--my kind of breakfast.

Maverick looking at all the Yachts.


Fashion Island - Hadlie's hat and shirt from American Girl.

Tess and me
Sweet Maverick - He was such a trooper all week long. He harldy ever cried.

The beach

The family enjoying the water. I just take the pictures at the beach. My skin and saltwater don't mix well.

Cracker with cheese and lots of sand
We had a blast and are still recovering.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Last but definitely not least make-up post!

The last event I missed while taking a blogging break was John and Sarah's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. Sarah had every detail planned perfectly. I can't believe John is married. I should post a picture of how little John was when we got married. I wanted to create a cute collage but I never got around to making one. Brittany - I seriously need a tutorial. Get ready for picture overload.
Mr. & Mrs. John Hanks
Riding the elevator to the Reception

Bronco & Ellie

Grandkids minus sleeping Mav

Me with Hadlie & Bronco

Judd & Jeff after changing into their tuxedos. Always goofing around.

Is it just me or does Jeff look like a cardboard cutout?

Justin, Brittney, cute Kate

Judd and sweet little Maverick

Hanks Family

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Gord with the grandkids

I love this picture--

and this one. I can't believe how much he has grown in a few months.

The Happy Couple

Cute Paige helping Bronco pick up his bag of candy. We sure miss Jeff & Paige. I think the candy bar was probably my favorite part of the wedding. Thanks John & Sarah for a great day.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

This picture sums up what seems like my daily life--constantly disciplining Bronco for teasing Mav and comforting Mav.

Hadlie's love cookie - read below

I love this time of the year as the weather changes and some of my favorite fruits and vegetables are in season. I love that my mom takes the time to grow a garden so we can enjoy such great food. I know bratty of me to let her do all the work and enjoy her labors. My mom also happens to be an amazing cook. She makes such great meals that eating out sometimes doesn't even compare. For example, on Sunday this is what she made and I ate. I am a little embarrased to list all I ate but here goes. Judd says that when I get to my mom's house, I eat non-stop. I first ate a bowl of raspberries (from her garden) with milk and sugar. Dinner consisted of marinated chicken on the barbeque, steemed green beans and carrots, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, and bruschetta with fresh mozarella cheese. All of the vegetables were home grown. Dessert was fresh peach pie and chocolate marshmallow cookies with chocolate frosting. I was in heaven. Needless to say, I was inspired to brave the fresh peach pie because I had a whole box of ripe peaches. Yesterday when the kids came home from school, I told them to get washed up and ready to make dough. They absolutley love rolling out dough. While we were making the dough, I started to ask about school. When I asked Hadlie she said. "Mom, I can't believe it. I fell in love." She continued to explain that she thought he was very handsome. So I asked her what made her fall in love with this boy. She said when she heard him sing. When asked about the song he was singing she said. "Ooooh Oooooh Baby." She then called her dad, Grandma and Grandpa to share the news. I think we are in trouble. She also said that his voice was good she was going to invite him in her band.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

End of Summer!

We finished off the summer with the third annual "Summer Extravaganza." We decided to tone it down a little bit this year. I always have to laugh when Judd's birthday rolls around because he claims that he really doesn't care much for celebrating birthdays. However, we all know how much thought, time, and effort go into planning his own birthday. If only I could get him to put the same effort into my birthday. j/k

Maverick trying to get more cake.

Justin, Brittney, & Kate

Bronco washing off the sand before jumping in the pool once again.


Mason enjoying a cookie. We're so excited for the surprise of a new little one joining us next spring. Who doesn't love babies?

The girls -- I usually just get pictures of the guys playing basketball but this year I decided to get a picture of the ladies.

Gordon and his "Hugh Hefner" robe. He always keeps us laughing--especially me.

I wanted to post this picture of Hadlie because this shows her personality. For anyone who knows this little girl well, she acts so old for her age. I need to write down all of the hilarious things she thinks and says to me before I forget. I don't know what we would do without her. We love her to death. Judd was making fun of her hair and she was upset.
This is the face I prefer.

Maverick has spent significant time in the stroller this week as we have walked the kids to and from school. I am so glad he is so easy going. I have had to wake him up at least five times this week to take or pick the kids up. Judd thinks it is important for the kids to walk to and from school. But, I am beginning to think I would rather drive. The school is only a couple blocks away but it still takes time. Besides, it is during the peak sun hours and I just noticed a sun spot on my face. I keep telling myself it couldn't be from walking to and from school but I have never noticed it before. I don't really want to lather on sunscreen so you might see me walking with an umbrella. I must be getting old when I want to avoid the sun at all costs. School has gone well so far. Hadlie is doing just fine and doesn't want me to walk with them. She knows the way. Bronco is doing fine as well. He is very worried about strangers; I hope the anxiety wears off soon.