Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Last but definitely not least make-up post!

The last event I missed while taking a blogging break was John and Sarah's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. Sarah had every detail planned perfectly. I can't believe John is married. I should post a picture of how little John was when we got married. I wanted to create a cute collage but I never got around to making one. Brittany - I seriously need a tutorial. Get ready for picture overload.
Mr. & Mrs. John Hanks
Riding the elevator to the Reception

Bronco & Ellie

Grandkids minus sleeping Mav

Me with Hadlie & Bronco

Judd & Jeff after changing into their tuxedos. Always goofing around.

Is it just me or does Jeff look like a cardboard cutout?

Justin, Brittney, cute Kate

Judd and sweet little Maverick

Hanks Family

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Gord with the grandkids

I love this picture--

and this one. I can't believe how much he has grown in a few months.

The Happy Couple

Cute Paige helping Bronco pick up his bag of candy. We sure miss Jeff & Paige. I think the candy bar was probably my favorite part of the wedding. Thanks John & Sarah for a great day.

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samandbrodi said...

great pics Heather. It is about time we see you update your blog. The kids look great. We need to get together soon, it has been too long.

John and Sarah are in our neighborhood as well...when John mentioned his last name, I jumped all over that and explained how you and Judd are some of great friends from our early days.

Hope all is well.