Friday, 27 June 2008

Month of June

We have had quite a busy month. First, Hadlie had her end of the year dance recital. She was darling even though dad didn't think she moved very much. She was more excited about the flowers we gave her than anything else. Bronco finally finished up baseball. Yeah! Uncle John came home from his mission in England. Judd spent five days in Lake Powell with his family while the kids and I stayed home (8 1/2 months pregnant and 107 degrees at LP don't mix well). I have been very busy 'nesting' and the house is clean and ready for the baby to arrive. We will wrap up the month by celebrating Bronco's birthday this weekend. We are all anxious and ready to find out what we are having. The doctor said on Monday that the baby's heartbeat sounds like a boy. So, Judd and Bronco are thrilled. Hadlie is still hoping for a little sister. Only time will tell.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Bronco & Guys

From the time Bronco was about 18 months old, he has loved playing with little animals and guys. He will line them up in an organized fashion over and over again. He used to line up the animals in the window sill all facing outside. If Hadlie moved a single animal to face the other direction, he would get so frustrated. Judd thinks we should be worried by this ocd behavior but unfortunately I think it is in his genes. He found the change jar a couple of weeks ago so I let the kids each pick out a toy and pay with the change. He chose the construction guys and for $2.99 he has been thoroughly entertained for hours.

Lining up the animals when he was only 1
New construction guys
Hadlie chose pretend make-up for her toy.