Thursday, 30 July 2009

Seven month update!

I am still trying to decide whether or not I want to keep blogging. I love checking blogs of friends and family and so I guess I'll give it one more shot. Any one who knows me well, knows that I hate scrapbooking and keeping a journal so I guess that is why blogging is hard for me. Oh well, Hadlie keeps asking me to post her pictures on the blog so here we go again. I will try to summarize quickly what we have been up to lately. We have celebrated all three kids birthdays. We recently celebrated Mav's first birthday and Bronco's 5th birthday with two parties in one day. I can't believe my baby is one. He is so much fun and I can't imagine our lives without him. He is the best baby and has definitely convinced me I want more little ones running around here. I will probably jinx myself and number four will be very hard. This isn't an announcement yet. We have had two major weddings in the past couple of months. John (Judd's youngest brother) got married in May. Lena (who we consider our daughter, sister, and friend) got married last month. We are sooooo excited she and Mark found each other. They seem perfect together and we are looking forward to getting to know Mark better when we travel to Russia together next summer. SCARY. Judd says that I am in for the shock of my life. We kept busy in the spring and beginning part of the summer with numerous baseball games, soccer games, dance practices and recitals, and preschool graduation. My kids start kindergarten in less than a month. Most recently we have spent some time at the condo in Bear Lake. We just returned from a trip with all of Judd's family and a few weeks before that we went up there with all of Judd's friends from high school. We had 16 adults and 20 kids under the age of 8. We had a great time and it wasn't as crazy or chaotic as I thought it would be. We sure missed Stu and Lanea and hope all is going well with Brooklyn. I will try to post a few pictures everyday so as not to overwhelm my very few followers.

A few pictures from our friend trip to Bear Lake.
Spencer playing bingo with the kids.
The boys entertaining themselves on the stairs.


We sure had fun with everyone. I am still recovering two weeks later from our late nights. I am too old to go to bed at 3, 1, 3 three nights in a row. Next trip we will have to ban Spencer from starting the conversation. j/k

Lazy summer evening

Mav loving the pool when it is getting emptied. Check out that diaper.

We took the kids to the Temple open house. Bronco's favorite thing about the temple were the 'bucking bulls' aka baptismal font and Hadlie's favorite thing was the chandelier.

Hanks Family Trip to Bear Lake

Bronco finally getting comfortable with his four wheeler.

Sadie, Hadlie, Ellie, Bronco

These kids love to pose. Check out those tans. Sadie and Ellie are sooo dark. We are just proud Bronco has a little color.

Mav - with his new haircut, the curls are gone

John & Sarah
I had some more pics from our trip but I didn't think the pics from the 'booty shakin'' contest and upper thigh comparison were blog appropriate. Judd and his brothers know how to have a good time.