Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Weekend at Grandma's

We spent the weekend at my mom's while Judd went Deer Hunting.
Aunt Emilee
The kids were so excited about their music makers from Nursery. They were so loud that Grandpa had to take out his hearing aids.

I'm stuck!

While I was doing the dishes one morning the kids were playing when I heard Hadlie start screaming. "Mom come quick Bronco is stuck." I dont' know how he got down there, but I was quite surprised considering he is usually so cautious.

Park City

The kids found a way to entertain themselves after too much shopping.

Happy Halloween!

Bronco is definitely turning into a 'lil wild man.' He is started to take after his dad by becoming a real tease.
Hadlie and Bronco posed all by themselves. I think they have had their pictures taken one too many times.
Hadlie has informed us that Ariel is her favorite princess.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Thanksgiving Point

We spent Thursday afternoon at Thanksgiving Point with friends. It was quite an enjoyable afternoon considering there were ten kids under the age of four.
Waiting for everyone to arrive.

Pony Rides
I was really glad Bronco wanted to ride the pony. In May we went to This Is The Place and the horse spooked before the ride even started. He really hasn't wanted to ride since.

Hadlie's Curlers

Hadlie likes having her hair put in curlers, but it makes a good teasing target for Bronco.

Hadlie's Dance Class

Hadlie has decided she is ready for dance lessons. At the end of the summer she said she wanted to wait until next fall. After hearing friends and nieces talk about dance class, I think she felt left out. She did really well even though she thought first position was hard.