Sunday, 17 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Making Rice Krispy Treats
We had a fun Valentine's Day this year. We starting celebrating by making sugar cookies on Wednesday to deliver to neighbors and the kid's friends. It was a good plan until the storm blew in Wednesday afternoon. We still delivered about a dozen plates of cookies in the blizzard and the kids were great sports. We made Rice Krispy treats on Valentine's day and delivered them to cousins and grandparents. Judd and I were able to enjoy a nice dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Friday with great friends.

Hadlie's Birthday

Hadlie is trying to "pin the candy on the sugar cookie."
"Birthday Girl"
Frosting Sugar Cookies
We celebrated Hadlie's birthday a couple of weeks ago with all her cousins and grandmas and grandpas. Hadlie really wanted a Halloween party with skeletons, ghosts, and bats but we were able to talk her into a Valentine's party. We played a few games, decorated sugar cookies, had cake and ice cream and she opened a ton of presents. She was very spoiled by everyone. She is excited to be four and she has even given two talks in primary since she started Sunbeams. She is such a smart and beautiful little girl and we feel very blessed she is a part of our family. As Hadlie's birthday rolls around each year, Judd and I are always reminded of this day four years ago when we received the call from LDS Family Services informing us that a baby girl had been born and her mother would like us to be her parents. It was a whirlwind of a couple of days and then we were able to bring Hadlie home. We will never forget the wonderful, spiritual, and unique experience we had when Hadlie was placed in our arms. We are so thankful to Angela and the many blessings she has brought into our lives.