Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Summer Is Over!

The kids Hadlie is really growing up fast, she chooses her jewelry and shoes for each outfit.

One of Maverick's first smiles. The boys

Bronco always wants to pose Maverick with his animals. Maverick isn't so thrilled.
There was no question whether or not our children would have big mouths and smiles. When I had my ultrasound the tech kept commenting on how our baby's mouth was wide open the whole time. "The Summer Extravaganza"
Trying to see how many people we can fit in the pool.
Judd with Hadlie and Bronco
First day of Preschool On the boat in Bear Lake
Maverick sleeping - what babies do best (in the day)! Judd convinced Hadlie to try waterskiing for the first time. One try was all it took and she was back in the boat.

Wow! I can't believe it is already September. We have had a great summer. It seems like we have been going non-stop since Maverick was born. Some of the highlights of our summer include Saturday morning breakfast and swimming at the Hanks, a trip to Bear Lake with both of our families, Judd's b-day party (which he has titled "The Summer Extravaganza), blessing Maverick with every member of our family able to attend, Hadlie and Bronco starting preschool, and of course our little Maverick. He is such a good baby and we have really enjoyed having a new baby again. If we can only keep him alive long enough to give Bronco a run for his money.